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3/16/2017 19:14:48Dr. Abdulaziz AlodhayaniFamily and community medicineHome Care and Care of Elderly+ family medicineCare of elderly+ drivining problems+ aging process+ home care+ diabetes+ physical activityCross sectional + case control+ analytical study+ case report3rd year (clinical), 4th year (clinical), 5th year (clinical)
3/16/2017 20:33:57Dr. Abdulrahman AlnemriPediatricsNeonatal perinatal medicine Long term out come of ELBW infantCase controle1st year (pre-clinical), 2nd year (pre-clinical), 3rd year (clinical), 4th year (clinical), 5th year (clinical)Literature review,Data collection and
participating in writing the manuscript
3/16/2017 20:33:57Dr. Anas KhanEmergency medicineTrauma, GIB & DKADescriptive studies3rd year (clinical), 4th year (clinical), 5th year (clinical)Data collection and literature
3/22/2017 11:57:12Prof. Mostafa ArafaFamily and community medicineStress among physiciansCross sectionData