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2/6/2016 22:56:37Dr. Hani Temsah PediatricsSurveys on parents anxiety Clinical trials, Survey based 3rd year (clinical), 4th year (clinical), 5th year (clinical)Students can join in specific data collection as IRB APPROVED Surveys with predefined parents population, followed by writing the manuscript together to have their names among the authors.
2/6/2016 23:35:28Dr. Fahad BashiriPediatricsNeurologyEpilepsyClinical trial, 4th year (clinical), 5th year (clinical)Data collection, literatures
2/7/2016 6:16:04Prof. Abdulaziz AlodhayaniFamily and community medicineHome Care and Care of ElderlyElderly carer at homeCross sectional4th year (clinical), 5th year (clinical)Working with PI in all
2/7/2016 7:59:00Prof. Mubarak AlFaranOphthalmologyRefractive errors in Saudi populationField work3rd year (clinical), 4th year (clinical)Literature review and data collection,analysis of data .To practice to write the manuscript as
2/7/2016 8:04:21Prof. MUBARAK ALFARANOphthalmologyCornea &Ext diseases &Refractive surgery Keratoconus in Saudi ArabiaDifferent studies3rd year (clinical), 4th year (clinical)Data collection literature review as well as trying to share in analyzing the results and writing the
2/7/2016 9:38:54Dr. Waseem HajjarSurgeryThoracicAny research related to Thoracic Surgery or Surgery in General.Both case control, and clinical trial.3rd year (clinical), 5th year (clinical)Data collection, literature review, data Analysis, Statistics, writing the initial draft of the manuscript.
Of Course the students will be supervised all the way through the research.
2/7/2016 9:46:31Prof. Hamza AbdulghaniMedical educationAssessment Unit? Assessmnt in Saudi Medical SchholCross Sectional5th year (clinical)I cannot work with students. I think best time for me to start in beginning of the internship
All steps of research protocol
2/7/2016 12:36:30Dr. Yousef MohammadMedicineNeurologyResearch related to migraine headache and strokeCase-control, cross sectional, review articles, and case report4th year (clinical), 5th year (clinical)Data collection, literature review, study design and first draft of
2/7/2016 22:04:00Dr. Amr JamalFamily and community medicineAwareness of travelers from Saudi to Latin America about Zika virusCross-sectional +/- Cohort 3rd year (clinical), 4th year (clinical), 5th year (clinical)Literature review, data collection, interview, health education and promotion
2/8/2016 21:56:53Dr. Khalid AljonaiehAnesthesiaA survey of residual curarization at Post Anesthesia Care UnitCase Series1st year (pre-clinical), 2nd year (pre-clinical), 3rd year (clinical), 4th year (clinical), 5th year (clinical)Student Roles:
1- re-write Literature review: it was written in short and not interested way
2- Data entry: we collected data and now in process of entry around 1000 subjects
3- writing manuscript: it is good practice for student to know every step to make this research publishable at ISI journals
2/13/2016 23:36:06Dr. Nasriah ZakariaMedical educationMedical Informatics and e-learning Ethical issues in Anthropometric survey using 3D body scanner Qualitative & Cross sectional 1st year (pre-clinical), 2nd year (pre-clinical)Data collection
Literature Review
2/13/2016 23:37:30Dr. Nasriah Zakaria Medical educationMedical Informatics and e-learning The use of Mobile application in learning medical informatics Randomized control trials 4th year (clinical), 5th year (clinical)System design and analysis
Literature review
2/13/2016 23:39:04Dr. Nasriah Zakaria Medical educationMedical Informatics and e-learning Privacy issues among patients in E-sihi patient portal Interview & focus group 4th year (clinical), 5th year (clinical)Literature review
Data collection
Data analysis